The Amateur Radio Society of Bangladesh (ARSB) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2018. It is comprised of a community of young and professional amateur radio enthusiasts. The main objective of ARSB is to promote and spread the practice of amateur radio, which is a fundamental and effective communication system, especially in emergency situations such as natural disasters.


One of the main goals of ARSB is to bridge the gap between experienced and young amateur radio operators. The organization achieves this by arranging training workshops, on-field emergency communication drills, experience sharing and awareness programs, and DX’ing activities. By facilitating these activities, ARSB ensures that the knowledge and expertise of experienced operators are passed on to the younger generation.

ARSB recognizes the importance of providing voluntary communication support during times of national emergency. To prepare for such situations, the organization is actively involved in establishing a long-range repeater system with Echolink facility, participating in amateur satellite activities, and introducing young amateurs to international contests. By doing so, ARSB aims to provide the best possible communication support to the nation in times of crisis.

In conclusion, the Amateur Radio Society of Bangladesh (ARSB) is dedicated to promoting the practice of amateur radio and ensuring its relevance in emergency situations. Through various initiatives and activities, ARSB aims to connect experienced and young operators, impart technological knowledge, and contribute to the nation’s emergency communication efforts.

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